HIV positive mothers in Kenya are often abandoned by their husbands and families. Without property, job or income, their lives are hopeless. They are the only one responsible for their (often also HIV-infected) children, but because of extreme poverty cannot feed themselves and their children. Sometimes they don’t see another way out than commercial sex for food. Their condition deteriorates, they get sick more often and die sooner. Then their children are left behind.


By supporting these women in rebuilding a decent life, so that they can generate an income, earn their own upkeep and raise their children, and  be no longer dependent.  By educating these women in hygiene and nutrition and teaching them “how to live with HIV/AIDS.”  By supporting their children so that they can go to school and receive an education, and thus have a chance for a better future.

Will you help?

With your donation we can give these mothers a chance to earn their own income: become a tailor, have their own shop, breed chicken, start a bakery or grow their own greens and fruits, etc.

Here you find our last newsletter:


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

As we wind down to the end of the year, we’d like to say a big thank you for  your support this year. With your help, the Kenya Care families have got hope for a better future. We were able to guide four groups with a total of 85 families this year. Moreover, we have just started […]

World Aids Day 2019

World wide on December 1 we pay attention HIV/Aids. Fortunately much has been achieved: more effective medicines have become available and there is a significant reduction in the number of new infections. Also in Kenya. Since 2010 the annual number of AIDS related deaths has decreased by 55%, from 56.000 to 25.000. In this period […]

Start New Self Help Group : Mwangaza

We have started a new self help group, named Mwangaza. It is the ninth group of HIV-positive mothers ( and some fathers) whom we are going to support. Of the first 8 groups 4 have completed the four-year program. In September  2020 also the NEEMA group will finish the full program and this means we […]

Nice extra  donation from Thriftshop  Kringloopwinkel De Spullewaard.

Charity thrift shop ” Spullewaard”  in Zaltbommel (The Netherlands) has been a loyal supporter of Kenya Care already for years. At the occasion of their 15 year anniversary,  they made no fewer than 17 charity organizations happy with an extra cheque worth 1000 euro. And Kenya Care was one of them. Fantastic. This means we […]

Self-defense competition at the farewell party for Sare and Sophia.

As of October Sare Danaci and Sophia Bauhof have been doing an internship at Kenya Care. Both Sare and Sophia are studying psychology at the University of Twente and their stay was part of their “Crossing Borders” internship. In addition to her studies, Sare is an enthusiastic practitioner of Taekwondo. She even has a black […]

New in our program: Reading/writing lessons

The majority of our women never attended school or very briefly and  consequently cannot read or write. Already for a long time we had the idea to begin with reading lessons, but until recently we could not because of lack of funds and capacity. With the arrival  of  Sare and  Sophia as volunteers we have […]


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