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The majority of our women never attended school or very briefly and  consequently cannot read or write. Already for a long time we had the idea to begin with reading lessons, but until recently we could not because of lack of funds and capacity.

With the arrival  of  Sare and  Sophia as volunteers we have been able to pick up this activity.

Sare and Sophia are psychology students at the University of Twente and in the context of the program “Crossing Borders” with us for an internship of no less than 4 months.

During this time they study the impact of our program on the lives and livelihood of  our women. But besides that as of October they also teach reading and writing to the women.

They do that according to  the “Learning-for- Everybody” method. A method developed by  Mrs Netty Engels and her husband Wil, of the foundation PIT , based on the theory and thoughts of the Israelian Professor Reuven Feuerstein. It is an individual step-by-step method with as big advantage that the pupil can read simple sentences already very soon. This is very motivating.

As the lessons are given in the English language, the women  learn to understand and speak some English at the same time, which they enjoy  very much.

Meanwhile our staff members Caroline and Alice are also able to give those lessons, and so has learning to read  become a permanent item in our program.

Well done, Sophia and Sare!

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