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Jambo to all our friends,

December is the time of the year to look back and reflect and we want to do this together with you. We
are very grateful, as we have been able to achieve a lot.

Two womengroups finished our programme successfully:

Two self help groups — the Wema group and the Ebenezer group — have successfully completed their
program with Kenya Care this year. They will continue independently after 5 years of intensive
accompaniment. And we as well as the women themselves trust that they can indeed do that. In this last
year we have launched a special bonus program to stimulate the women to actively participate in all the
group activities, save together, and also to repay their loans in time.. And this has been successfully
attained. The bonus was a set of solar lights.

At the end of October we celebrated their accomplishments with a super farewell party. At this day the
women themselves made very clear to all guests present, how much Kenya Care has meant in their
lives. They did this with songs, dancing and sketches. They radiated of joy and among these women
there is no longer any sign of stigma. That’s a great result. And we were only able to support them this
far with your support, through the years, for which we thank you so much!

kenyacare nieuwsbrief december 2016    kenyacare nieuwsbrief december 2016

kenyacare nieuwsbrief december 2016   kenyacare nieuwsbrief december 2016

Fifty solar sets were donated

As mentioned earlier, all women received a set of solar lights. To be able to do this, we earlier appealed
to you for an extra donation. And many of you have indeed responded – great! We could hand out no
less than 50 sets: to all the women of the groups that are leaving, but also the Jitokeze group has
participated in this challenge. The women were overly happy. Not only they now have better light after
dark, but it is also much better for their and their children’s health, it is more safe and it saves them quite
some money that they used to pay for the usual kerosene or paraffine.
Secretly we hope that next year we can also offer the other groups this solar set. Would not that be

Two new groups started in 2016

Last year we had much trouble in forming a new group, as in Kenya there is a large stigma on HIV/Aids.
Over the years Keya Care has become so well known in the region that everybody knows that if you join
us for help, you must be HIV positive. And because of that most women were hesitant to join our
programme. That is why we have changed our approach a bit. Before we start recruiting new members
for a group we give information and lectures in the communities about HIV/Aids, to reduce the stigma
level. And this worked out very well.

We started with the education program for one new group in July. This group’s name is Neema, meaning
Grace. Very special about this group is that it has allowed also 3 HIV-positive men to join. In good
consultation with all parties we have embraced this initiative and till now it works out very well. It is a
very active group with positive energy, who want to seriously work towards a better future for themselves
and their children.

kenyacare nieuwsbrief december 2016   kenyacare nieuwsbrief december 2016

We were very happy to learn that one of the women of the Ebenezer group, Kibibi, wanted to form a new
group all on her own. She herself has been following the Kenya Care program for 5 years and has
become a real role model in her community. By now 23 women – and also again 3 men – have joined
this group, who named themselves Upendo, which means Love. They commenced the lessons in
October and will complete them by the end of January.

More than 50 children were assisted

This year we were able to pay school fees for 51 children for primary school. Nine of them have
completed class 8. Together with their mothers we are looking whether and how these can follow any
further education and if applicable we help them in searching and obtaining a scholarship. Apart from
this, every semester we organize a motivational meeting for all the mothers and their school going
children. Without the support of a father or other family members, it often is very difficult for these women
to raise their children. Because of this, Festus, our manager, is often consulted by mothers how to deal
with problems with for instance their teen sons during puberty.

Our plans for 2017

The Jitokeze group will start their last year with us. They are really a mature group with a couple of good
leaders. We trust them to be ready to make the step towards independence successfully at the end of
next year.

kenyacare nieuwsbrief december 2016In addition to our existing program we intend to pay more attention to
(women’s-) rights. The majority of our women did not even attend or complete primary school and often have no idea about their rights. It happens quite often that someone without any notice will be expelled from her home or worse, from her own land. We find it important to support these women in this and teach them about their rights, and to stand on their rights. We acquainted an organization who will give our groups a number of workshops on the subject, and who also can assist with advise in specific cases.


Besides the Upendo and the Neema group, we intend to start two more groups in the next year. But
before we can start recruiting we first have to enlighten the target communities about HIV/Aids issues
and spread more knowledge to reduce the stigma.

We will go for it and we hope you will again go along with us.

We thank you very much for your continued support and wish you and your families joyous holidays and
a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017.

Ietje van Hintum
Desire Roes
Thea Thijssen


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