Self-defense competition at the farewell party for Sare and Sophia.

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As of October Sare Danaci and Sophia Bauhof have been doing an internship at Kenya Care.

Both Sare and Sophia are studying psychology at the University of Twente and their stay was part of their “Crossing Borders” internship.

In addition to her studies, Sare is an enthusiastic practitioner of Taekwondo. She even has a black belt. With that experience they gave a series of self-defense lessons to the groups. At first the women found it a bit strange, but already soon they got a taste for it and a large number of women actively participated.

We see that through the lessons the self confidence of most of the women has grown considerably. It shows by the attitude of the women, but also from the report Sare and Sophia have written about this, having measured the impact of their interventions.

On the last day of their stay, they even organized a self-defense competition for all groups.
The Jerito Group eventually came out as the winner.

As it was also the last day for Sare and Sophia , there was of course song and dance for them as a thank you for their efforts and they also received nice and colourful lessos (Kenyan shawls) from the women.

The internship from Sophia and Sare was a huge success! They learned a lot from their stay in another country and working with women from a different culture. And the mothers and fathers of Kenya Care have started reading lessons and followed self- defense lessons. A good example of useful volunteering. Thank you Sophia and Sare.

Below an impression of the festive farewell day.

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