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We have started a new self help group, named Mwangaza.

It is the ninth group of HIV-positive mothers ( and some fathers) whom we are going to support.

Of the first 8 groups 4 have completed the four-year program. In September  2020 also the NEEMA group will finish the full program and this means we will had room for a new group.

Most of the members of this new group are from the vicinity of Kikambala and Majengo, villages North of Mtwapa.  It’s very positive that most of the women join us on recommendation by members of our existing groups.  Thus word of mouth advertising, and that works best, as the women already will know what they can and cannot expect.

The group choose the name formed a Self Help Group and named it Mwangaza, which means “light”. The women hope that the lessons,  counseling and assistance by Kenya Care will bring again light into their lives.

The first meetings were devoted to drawing a constitution and house rules, and appointing leaders of the group. Meanwhile we have started with the basic lessons program.

During 10 weeks the women attend lessons 2 days a week. The basic educational program addresses 3 main topics.  They learn everything about HIV/AIDS and how to live with the disease. Meaning we talk about medication, nutrition, use of contraceptives, hygiene, etc. But they also learn to cooperate together in a group, building a social network and how to commence their own little enterprise or other income generating activity. Belonging to that is also  learning how to save and think ahead, so that they can easier get their life back in order.

The women who successfully completed the basic learning program receive at the end a certificate, and then can move on to the second phase of our program, when they can start their own micro businesses  with the help of a micro loan.

We wish the women a lot of success!



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