World Aids Day 2019

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World wide on December 1 we pay attention HIV/Aids.

Fortunately much has been achieved: more effective medicines have become available and there is a significant reduction in the number of new infections. Also in Kenya.

Since 2010 the annual number of AIDS related deaths has decreased by 55%, from 56.000 to 25.000. In this period new HIV-infections also decreased from 66.000 to 46.000.

Yet, in Kenya still 1.600.000 persons are living with HIV. Relatively more women than males are victims of this virus disease, viz 65%. However, more women than men get themselves tested and take antiviral medication.

Alarming is that most of the new infections are among youngsters aged between 15 and 24 years, and also still more girls than boys.

Also there is still a major stigma on HIV /Aids. Therefore this subject receives much attention during our lessons and coaching of the women. And this has a positive effect: most of the women dare to come out for their status, take their medication and have become role models in their communities.

A good example is Grace, member of the Jerito group. On the occasion of the World Aids Day she wrote a poem about HIV / AIDS and stigma. In the video she recites the poem. Really very moving. Worth to take a look.

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